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Information Technology Company

Weststar Engineering Sdn Bhd (WESB) is one of Malaysia's leading Professional IT solutions & Managed IT Services Provider. Established in 2020, WESB has grown tremendously to an established organization. Throughout its history of providing value-added solutions, with 10 years experience in Telecomunication services and providing technical and functional support for Weststar Aviation Services Sdn Bhd in System and Applications and Telecomunication services, WESB has maintained the basic principle of giving its customers the best product with the best service. Strategic alliance with key industry players strengthens its capability and reliability to ensure its customers are ahead of the market.


Our expertise in technology lifecycle management and best practices fulfillment methodology are core competencies that add value which compounds over time, helping our clients to reduce the total cost of IT ownership.


Our comprehensive portfolio has established from our range of services and solutions:-

  • Network & Infra solutions
  • ICT Solutions
  • Technical Support


Our leadership

Board of Directors


Syed Muhammad Ammar Bin Syed Azman



Muhammad Farouk Bin Noor Shahwan




Senior Leaders


Muhammad Farouk Bin Noor Shahwan

Chief Executive Officer


Mohd Hizam Fakhruddin Bin Mohd Harsad

General Manager


Ahmad Fariz Bin Sameon @ Saiman

Manager, Technical Support


Muhammad Shahril Bin Muhammad Ismail

Manager, System & Applications

Vision & Mission

Leading technical providers & digital information technology


Managed by combination of experienced experts together with young creative and innovative technopreneur, Weststar Engineering Sdn Bhd (WESB) stands strong with a vision that we hold and we always move forward on making our vision a reality.

  • To be the key player in pioneering a new technology in Malaysia and global
  • To be a one stop center for small to large scale technical and digital technology services
  • To maintain high quality services and contents which rapid and faster response
  • To build strong relationship with clients


Weststar Engineering Sdn Bhd (WESB) objective is to get your presence, your products and your solution noticed. To assist your business in achieving its mission and goals, we set our aim to treat our clients not as another customer, but as a partner. Our missions are already set and we are ready to move.

  • To be a leading technical providers that are cost effective and cutting edge altogether
  • To be a digital information technology solution provider
  • To provide high class quality services to our clients
  • To assist our clients to be more success based on our implementation
  • To guarantee that even smallest job we do will give a big impact
  • To create awareness of the importance of ICT in today's lifestyle